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Advice | 10 Facts About Your Back

30 Jul 2018

There are many myths about back pain, some of which are harmless, but many of which can and do cause […]

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ADVICE | Benefits of Exercise for Low Back Pain

06 Sep 2016

In last week’s Irish Independent Health and Living supplement (29.08.2016), Chartered Physiotherapist at Mid West Physiotherapy, Dr. Mary O’Keeffe, co-wrote […]

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ADVICE | Improve Your Sleep Quality

15 Oct 2015

Sleep, like diet and exercise, is closely linked to health and well-being.  Sleep quality and duration affect a person’s health […]

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ADVICE | The Benefits of Exercise

06 Sep 2015

Many people with pain are afraid of exercise and avoid it as they think it may cause them more problems; […]

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ADVICE | Managing “Flare-ups” of Pain

20 Jul 2015

Tips for people with long-term chronic pain issues Remember pain does not equal harm and can be caused by lots […]

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ADVICE | Hamstring Injuries

09 Jul 2014

One of the most common injuries that occur to the sporting population is the dreaded hamstring injury.  It has become […]

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ADVICE | How to Select your Running Shoes

11 Jun 2014

Tips for buying sports footwear Always get fitted for a running shoe preferably from a specialty shoe shop. Buy shoes […]

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ADVICE | Running Injuries & Primitive Movement Strategies

04 Jun 2014

Dan Walsh, chartered physiotherapist at Mid West Physiotherapy, grew up in New Jersey, USA.  Unable to achieve his goal of […]

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ADVICE | Frozen Shoulder ( Adhesive Capsulitis)

15 May 2014

What causes frozen shoulder? A Frozen Shoulder occurs when there is thickening and swelling of the flexible tissue that surrounds […]

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ADVICE | New Shoulder Advice Website

17 Feb 2014

A new website, developed by Dr. Karen McCreesh and Louise Larkin from the Department of Clinical Therapies at the University […]

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ARTICLE | Website for Fractures & Musculoskeletal Injury FAQs

22 Jan 2014

A great resource is available online that answers frequently asked questions about musculoskeletal injuries; in particular fractures.

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ADVICE | Problems Caused by Forward Head Posture

22 Jan 2014

The effects of this common posture are discussed.

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