Specialist Physiotherapy Services

Neuro Physiotherapy

We’re delighted to welcome Dr. Susan Coote, Optimise Neuro Physio, to our clinical team at Mid West Physiotherapy. Susan is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in neurological conditions including stroke, Parkinsons disease, MS and other neurological conditions.


Sinéad Cobbe is an expert Chartered Physiotherapist and trained specialist in the management of lymphoedema. Using a range of treatment methods, she helps patients to gain control of their oedema and teaches them how to successfully manage it for themselves. Here you can also watch Sinéad’s “Lymphoedema DIY” YouTube series.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Leonora Kennedy is an expert physiotherapist trained in the area of “phase 3” cardiac rehabilitation. This service is tailored towards patients who have experienced a cardiac event, undergone cardiac surgery, or who are at risk of heart disease, and is focused on safe, controlled exercise combined with patient education.

Pregnancy Assessment

Leonora Kennedy, the physiotherapist, specialises in antenatal and postnatal exercise and wellness. Combining physiotherapy, exercise, Pilates guidance and support, she will help you to feel your best during and after pregnancy.

Postnatal Assessment

If you’re suffering from back pain, neck pain, or core muscle weakness after having your baby, Leonora Kennedy, expert postnatal exercise and wellness, will help you to resolve your pain, and recover your strength and endurance. Combining physiotherapy, exercise, Pilates guidance and support.


We offer group online Pilates classes that are tailored for mixed abilities and are targeted particularly at back and neck pain. We also offer one-to-one Pilates tuition both in-clinic and online.”


At Mid West Physiotherapy you can avail of a bespoke orthotic fitting service by a trained Chartered Physiotherapist. Your consultation will involve a full assessment of your foot biomechanics, foot shape, gait, plus your activity and footwear requirements.