Specialist Physiotherapy Services

Neuro Physiotherapy

At Mid West Physiotherapy, we offer a range of physiotherapy services for neurological conditions, including: vestibular rehabilitation for vertigo, dizziness and imbalance; physiotherapy for patients with Parkinsons Disease; and falls prevention programmes for older adults. Our neuro physiotherapy services are delivered by Rachel Allen. 

Lymphoedema Therapy

Sinéad Cobbe is an expert Chartered Physiotherapist and trained specialist in the management of lymphoedema. Using a range of treatment methods, she helps patients to gain control of their oedema and teaches them how to successfully manage it for themselves. Here you can also watch Sinéad’s “Lymphoedema DIY” YouTube series.

Made-to-Measure Orthotics

Shane Brennan is a trained orthotics practitioner and chartered physiotherapist. An orthotics assessment involves thorough examination of your foot biomechanics, foot shape and gait, plus a review of your activity and footwear requirements. We use high precision scanning for optimim accuracy, and your orthotics are then 3D printed by our laboratory partner.