Corporate Services

At Mid West Physiotherapy, Castletroy, we offer a range of occupational health services for businesses and organisations throughout the Mid-West of Ireland, led by our certified ergonomist and clinical director, Donnacha Ryan.

Our corporate services are tailored exactly to the needs of your organisation. We work with you to minimise environmental ergonomic risks, to assist employees in returning to work after injury, and in optimising overall wellbeing in the workplace.

On-Site Workstation Assessment

An on-site workstation assessment (or ergonomic assessment) is a dual examination of the person’s workspace and their musculoskeletal health. Our Ergononomist will identify any ergonomic hazards that may increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, and will recommend any modifications required to optimise employee comfort. 

Online Workstation Assessment

An online workstation assessment (or ergonomic assessment) is similar in nature to the on-site service. During the virtual meeting, the Ergonomist will take a case history and an assessment of the workspace will be conducted by interview and visual inspection using a camera. Ergonomic hazards will be identified and recommendations made accordingly.

Ergonomic Awareness Training

Our expert physiotherapists deliver ergonomic awareness training to a wide variety of companies. The training programmes are tailored to the specific needs of the role and organisation. Sample content includes: how to identify ergonomic risk factors, how to prevent injury, how to modify your workstation, plus exercises and stretches to prevent injury. 

Ergonomic Reviews

Preventing and/or solving recurrent muscloskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace is a common concern for employers. Our expert Ergonomist helps companies to overcome such problems via a full ergonomic review which; (1) analyses tasks, workflows, equipment and processes, (2) identifies and quantifies risks, and (c) makes recommendations to eliminate hazards and reduce injury risks.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a highly comprehensive assessment tool to determine an individual’s ability to perform certain functional activities that are required for daily living and work-related tasks (e.g. lifting, bending, reaching, and carrying). It is often used as part of a rehabilitation program for employees who have sustained a musculosketal injury that is affecting their ability to work.

Expert Case Advice

Our Ergonomist and physiotherapy team are highly experienced and skilled in the area of occupational health. We offer expert guidance and care to employers seeking advice on MSD matters. Typically, an employer will contact us for advice on how to best support an employee with a reported musculoskeletal issue that is affecting their ability to perform their normal work tasks and duties.