At Mid West Physiotherapy, Limerick, we specialise in the treatment of arthritis with physiotherapy.

Arthritis is a common chronic condition which causes pain, heat and joint swelling. There are many different types of arthritis – 200 in fact, with the most common variations being osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The good news is that arthritis can be managed effectively with physiotherapy. At Mid West Physiotherapy, Limerick, our expert physiotherapists have years of experience in treating arthritis and know just the right treatments and methodologies to help you feel better and manage the condition effectively.

How we can help you

The most important part of our assessment is listening to your story; we aim to find out how arthritis is affecting your life and the factors that aggravate and ease your pain and mobility.  By building an exact profile, we can tailor a programme that aims to improve function, restore comfort and ease the symptoms of the condition.  Treatment approaches vary depending on the condition but may include; such as manual therapy, rehabilitation exercises, ultrasound, heat etc.  Typically you will be given a tailored exercise programme to do at home; we will encourage you to follow this as it will greatly help to ease the symptoms of your condition.


The UK Chartered Society of Physiotherapists have an arthritis fact page on their website with information, tips and resources on the topic.