Chronic Pain

At Mid West Physiotherapy, Limerick, our experienced physiotherapists can help you to manage the symptoms of chronic pain, and improve your comfort, strength and mobility.

About chronic pain

Chronic pain refers to pain which has persisted for 3 months or more. It is very common and the causes are wide and varied.

Unfortunately many myths surround chronic pain and these can create a lot of fear and anxiety which, in turn, can exacerbate the symptoms.

However, the great news is that chronic pain can be managed effectively, and physiotherapy is a drug-free, non-invasive, cost-effective and proven solution.

How we can help you

Our expert physiotherapists are here to help you to take control of your chronic pain and support you in achieving your recovery goals.  The most important part of our assessment is listening to your story; we aim to find out how chronic pain is affecting your life and the factors that aggravate and ease your pain.  By building an exact profile, we can tailor a programme that aims to improve function, restore comfort and lead to faster recovery. 

Treatment approaches such as manual therapy, dry needling and heat may be used to treat your initial pain.  However, for long-term results, education around lifestyle factors and exercise are key.  Typically you will be given a tailored exercise programme to do at home; we will encourage you to follow this as it will greatly enhance the speed and efficacy of your recovery.

Factual evidence regarding chronic pain

The World Congress of Physical Therapy created the following infographics which contain excellent information and advice on the subject of chronic pain.  Click the images below to expand.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain Myths

Taking Control of Pain

Chronic Pain & Exercise