VIDEO SERIES | How to Manage Lymphoedema

“How to manage lymphoedema?” is one of the most common questions asked by patients attending our lymphoedema clinic.

Lymphodema occurs when the lymphatic system is is damaged by surgery, cancer radiotherapy or other conditions.  Sinéad Cobbe is a highly experienced expert Chartered Physiotherapist and trained specialist in the management of lymphoedema.  Using a range of treatment methods, she helps patients to gain control of their oedema and teaches them how to successfully manage it for themselves.

She has created an excellent 4-part video series on YouTube which teaches patients how to manage their own lymphoedema. These videos are comprehensive, practical, informative and very easy to understand. We hope that you enjoy them and find them useful.

If you would like a tailored appointment to learn how to manage lymphoedema, private in-clinic appointments are also available with Sinéad Cobbe. Please contact us through this website or by ringing us on 061-201444.

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