Online Pilates Classes

Mid West Physiotherapy, Castletroy, Limerick now offers online Pilates classes every Tuesday evening at 7pm. The classes are hosted by Aisling Mulryan who is a Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates instructor.

Class details

This is a live 45-minute mat Pilates class which is specifically tailored towards patients who have experienced back or neck pain, and/or other injuries. It takes place via Zoom on the above date at 7pm.

About Pilates

Pilates is all about the mind to body connection. The class will focus on building your strength, core stability, flexibility, muscle control, posture and breathing.

Suitable for

This class is low impact and is suitable for all age groups. It is specifically designed to assist people who have neck or back pain, or any other injuries, in their rehabilitation. This interactive class is suitable for those at a beginner to intermediate level.

Not suitable for

Individuals with acute pain
Individuals who have not been cleared to exercise by their doctor
Individuals who are pregnant

One-to-one Pilates

If you do not have any Pilates experience, you can book a one-to-one introductory class with Aisling in our clinic. Once you are ready you will then be able to join the class.


You don’t need any special equipment, but you might like to have a bottle of water, a towel and a mat nearby.

Fee & payment

The charge for this service is €5.00 and payment is made at the time of booking via Stripe. We will email you a receipt after you make your booking, which will include a link to the class.


It is advisable to consult with your doctor before beginning a new exercise regime.
It is advisable to inform the instructor of any medical conditions, or change in circumstance, that may impact your ability to safely take part in the class.
As with any exercise programme you should stop if you become unwell, develop dizziness, or physical discomfort. You should then immediately consult a medical professional.
By taking part in this class you do so at your own risk. Mid West Physiotherapy and/or the provider of this class are not liable for any claims relating to damage or injuries sustained through the course of this activity.