World Physiotherapy Day 2022

World Physiotherapy Day 2022 is celebrated on Thursday, 8th September, and the focus for this year’s event is osteoarthritis.

World Physiotherapy* has put together some excellent information and resources on the topic of osteoporosis, which we have included in this post. You can also visit the World Physiotherapy Day website for more information.

World Physiotherapy is the operating name of World Confederation for Physical Therapy; they are the representative body of chartered physiotherapy organisations throughout the world, including the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.



Info Sheet: Preventing Osteoarthritis (PDF)

Info Sheet: Exercising with Osteoarthritis (PDF)

Info Sheet: Running and Osteoarthritis (PDF)

Info Sheet: Osteoarthritis Fact or Myth (PDF)

Info Sheet: Osteoarthritis is a Global Problem (Stats) (PDF)


Facts about Osteoporosis

(source: click here)

  • Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint condition: 520 million people around the world have OA, and 60% of OA cases are for knee OA.

  • In a global study of 291 conditions, hip and knee OA was ranked as the 11th highest contributor to disability.

  • 9.6 million years were lived with disability from OA around the world in 2017.

  • The exact cause of OA is unclear. Risk factors that increase the risk of OA include: having overweight or obesity, having a previous joint injury or joint surgery or history of joint overuse, genetics.

  • Exercise is a first-line treatment for OA.

  • A physiotherapist can provide advice and education about pain relief and ways to manage OA. They can teach people living with OA how to improve joint movement and strengthen muscles.

  • It is important for people living with OA to keep as active as possible. This can help improve pain, reduce other symptoms of OA, and help people stay independent.

  • Only about a third of people living with OA will get worse over time, and some see an improvement in pain and disability. A physiotherapist will be able to guide you on how to keep active.


Can we help?

Our physiotherapy team specialise in the management of osteoarthritis, helping you to move better and with greater comfort. You can book an appointment with our physiotherapists via this online link, or your can contact our Reception by ringing 061-201444 or emailing

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