What is it?

If you are looking for a workstation assessment in Limerick, our trained experts are here to help you. A workstation assessment is a dual examination of the person’s workspace and their musculoskeletal health. As trained physiotherapists and ergonomic experts, we are specifically checking for any ergonomic issues in the workspace or the worker’s activity which might be contributing to pain or problems, or have the potential to do so. Our goal is to identify any risk factors and give you practical solutions to address and resolve them.


What is involved?

An experienced physiotherapist will listen to the person’s history to learn more about their work duties, working pattern, workstation set-up, medical history, activity, pain and goals. We will ask the person to show us their workstation on the video-call so that we can identify any ergonomic issues. We will use all of this information, combined with our clinical knowledge, to identify any factors that are causing or have the potential to cause pain or injury. We are here to support you and your company in making sure that the workstation is safe and suitable for use, and in-keeping with HSA guidelines.

After the initial consultation, the person will receive an individualised plan to complete, which may include stretches, strengthening, postural changes, changes to their workstation set-up or lifestyle changes. Follow up appointments are recommended by the physiotherapist only if necessary; these would help determine the course of treatment, and progress the person’s rehab.


How about remote workers?

Online (video) workstation assessments are also available.


What the client can expect

At Mid West Physiotherapy, we are experts in the area of workstation assessments. We have been doing workstation assessments for 10 years and it is a subject that we particularly love as not only can we resolve pain, but we can also prevent problems from happening in the first place!

In choosing us you know that we have extensive background knowledge in anatomy, physiology, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries. You can expect a professional and thorough assessment, aimed at resolving any current pain issues and identifying any potential problems.  You will receive recommendations and an action plan straight away so that you can put any necessary changes  into effect. We are solution-minded people, and always focus on delivering practical, sensible and appropriate solutions.



How to book a workstation assessment?

If you’re looking for workstation assessment in Limerick, our experts at Mid West Physiotherapy would be delighted to travel to you. Please contact us on 061-201444 or contact us through this website.


Free download 

We have created a free download with some guidelines on setting up a workstation. Click here to view.



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