If you’re looking for orthotics in Limerick, Mid West Physiotherapy offers a full customised assessment and fitting service by an expert Chartered Physiotherapist.  We provide practical advice and solutions to patients who are experiencing pain, stiffness or discomfort in their feet, or who may be experiencing referred pain to their knees, hips, or back because of foot issues.


“I’m experiencing pain in my feet; do I need orthotics?”

The first step is to book an appointment with one of our experienced physiotherapists for an assessment.  Your consultation will involve a full assessment of your foot biomechanics, foot shape, gait, plus your activity and footwear requirements.  The physiotherapist will also assess any other areas of pain or discomfort which may be related to your foot complaint.  With this knowledge, your physiotherapist can advise whether orthotics are required and explain the best option(s) for you.

Orthotic insoles may be required for reasons such as; postural correction, gait correction, pain alleviation and comfort.  Orthotics aim to re-position the foot in order to ease problems associated with tissue overload or overuse.  We offer a range of products from high-quality off-the-shelf insoles to prescription orthotic insoles which are casted and fitted by Donnacha Ryan (specialist in orthotic prescription) here in our clinic.



If you are looking for orthotics in Limerick, we would be delighted to help you.  You can make an appointment by booking on-line, ringing our reception on 061-201444, or contacting us by email.


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